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About Jennifer Julander

I am a versatile writer from the Rocky Mountains, with a passion for creative storytelling and people.

One of my favorite things about writing, and one of the most difficult things to achieve, is evoking emotion in the reader. No matter what I’m writing, I always ask myself what I want the reader to feel, and this drives the way I craft each and every piece.

Because of my enthusiasm for evoking emotion, I also understand the challenges involved. I have a strong background in audience research, and I know that an in-depth understanding of my audience is the first step toward engaging readers.

A number of other techniques are involved in evoking emotion. The technique varies depending on the piece, but often I rely on visual linguistics to paint vivid pictures for the reader.

Though I’m a novelist, I have extensive experience writing in a variety of mediums, including blogs, newsletters, landing pages, legal documents, news articles, and more.

If you’d like to work with me, head on over to my “Hire Me” page to review the services I offer.


Are you a fantasy reader?

I’m passionate about tragic heroes and all things magic, with a hint of mystery and romance. This passion shows in my writing. People often say that reading one of my books is like waking up in a new world. So, if you’re ready for your new favorite fantasy novel, check out my “Books” page. (You won’t be disappointed).



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