About Jennifer Julander

Jennifer hails from the Rocky Mountains, where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing from the University of Utah. Mythology enthusiast, book lover, and dark fantasy connoisseur, Jennifer has been an avid reader since the age of 3. She can often be found in a quiet corner of a coffee shop, where movie soundtracks and mountain scenery act as her muse.


In spite of denying it adamantly for years, I’m secretly a hopeless romantic. I love:

• Running through a good summer rainfall
• Camping trips that are really just reading getaways
• Taking strolls with my handsome beau
• Tickling my children just to hear them giggle
• Christmas decor that goes all-out
• Warm desserts & hot coffee
• Bucketsful of summer fruit
• Food blogs that make me want to cook
• Leather-bound notebooks ready to be filled with stories
• Pens that glide as fast as I dream
• A good novel picked up by happenstance
• Watching my dogs chase snowflakes
• A rainbow in a sorbet sky
• Binge watching K-Dramas
• Tokyo and Paris, at any time of year
• Waking up with a good story in my head

As a girl, I couldn’t keep my nose out of a book, even before I knew how to read. I loved playing the flute, dancing, mixing “magic” potions in my plastic cauldron, and looking for fairies in the woods. I dreamed of the day I’d find that magic portal in the trees that turned any book into reality. Then, after my family moved from the woods to the desert, I found myself daydreaming about forests and tree spirits to alleviate my homesickness.

As a teenager, I was the girl who finished reading Phantom of the Opera and thought I could love Eric forever. I read In the Forests of the Night and imagined myself a frequent visitor to undead night clubs. In Lord of the Rings, I would’ve been the one elf who left her kin behind to help Frodo. Always, I was drawn to the dark side of mythology, sympathetic to the tragic ones like Eric, or even Gollum.

Now, I’m obsessed with what makes a bittersweet story tick. What makes antiheroes so alluring? What makes readers love these base demons, and what turns them into the most memorable characters?

Green Lady is just the beginning of this exploration. I hope you’ll pick up a copy & peek at my blog now and again for updates. After all, it takes more than one novel to truly understand those tragic characters.