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Earthbenders meet werewolves in this award-winning fantasy novel. Journey with Cleandra as she discovers the real reason for her obsession with Elodria Forest.

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“From the first few pages, you are filled with intrigue and awe.”

– Kirby Howell, Autumn in the City of Angels

“The author makes you envision nature as a powerful divinity.”

– Ivy Logan, The Breach

“I never knew what my literary life was missing.”

– Goodreads Review

“I simultaneously felt that I was discovering a new world and revisiting a familiar childhood haunt.”

– OnlineBookClub.Org Review

“The best work of fiction I have read in many years… very visionary.”

– Amazon Review

As a half-breed, Amnar has never wanted anything more than to live a quiet life away from scorn and hatred. Yet, fate places him on the emperor’s throne, battling his half-sister in a war of minds. Will Amnar save those who hate him? Or, will he side with his only remaining family?

Aythinia's Realm by Jennifer Julander- sequel to Green Lady

Marian has spent one hundred years trapped in Aythinia’s Realm, awaiting the day when NymuĂ«’s spell would release her. Now, she has a matter of days to stop Aythinia once and for all.