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Part of the Storm Series

There’s more to Princess Cleandra’s obsession with the forest than meets the eye—and soon, her curiosity will uncover dangerous secrets that threaten to destroy her beloved life in the woods.

The Wolf Clan of Brys has waited for over a century to strike at the heart of magic in Elodria. They wait for three events that will turn the tide in their favor:

♦ Midsummer’s Eve, when the forest is most vulnerable
♦ The full moon, when their power is at its fullest
♦ The legendary Forest Queen’s awakening in one of their own

On this fated night, Cleandra will have to decide if she’s ready to give up a life of freedom to defend the forest she loves. Her decision will affect not just her homeland, but the entire world.

It may even save the jaded Prince Amnar, who must step in to take responsibility for his history with Brys. He dreads facing the woman who wrecked his kingdom and his soul, but he soon finds a princess in the forest whose growing power may help him atone for his past.

With Midsummer approaching, Cleandra is running out of time to decide. Mythic power seeps out of the forest, dredging up rumors about the Forest Queen. Will the Green Lady return and protect Elodria? Or will the unguarded Throne be claimed by darker forces?

No one would expect the bastard son of an empress to take the throne, especially when that son is the descendent of an enemy nation.

His entire life, Amnar wanted nothing more than to live quietly and out of sight, away from the hatred people have harbored against his pale skin and crimson eyes.

Worse, if anyone ever found out he inherited the ability to shapeshift into a wolf, he’d be killed without a second thought. But when the Emperor of Nydirn dies unexpectedly, he suddenly finds himself assuming responsibilities he’d never thought of as his own, until now.

Even after being named the new emperor, Amnar considers running away and start a new life abroad. An expert sailor raised on an island full of sorcerers could easily make a name for himself.

But when a mysterious woman from Brys attacks Amnar’s home and announces herself as his half-sister, Amnar is faced with an impossible choice.

Will he ally himself with his only remaining family member, or protect the very people who would kill him if they knew the truth?


In the wake of Nymuë’s spell, Elodria succumbs to the birth of Aythinia’s Realm in the real world.

Now, after one hundred years, the souls trapped within Aythinia’s mind have been released. Cahal, Marian… Aythinia herself.

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