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This 2013 post-apocalyptic romance will have your heart aching for the heroine and the tragic hero.

What drew me to the novel:

Plot Synopsis:
Autumn is the only child of an architect and a famous actress. Her charmed life fades into a surreal existence when a Plague decimates the population. Don’t be fooled by the “typical” plot. This post-apocalyptic romance follows a steamy (but not explicit) arc that will keep your heart thudding with emotion.

The first time she ventures out of her apartment after the Plague, our heroine lands herself into trouble. Just when it seems like she’s doomed, a great-smelling guy swoops to her rescue. He comforts her with such tenderness that even a skeptical reader immediately falls in love. The tension between them is apparent from the start, and that’s when I realized I was reading a true post-apocalyptic romance, something that takes elemental genres to a whole new level.

After the “mystery-man” disappears, hints of his visits tease the reader into wondering about him just as much as Autumn does.

Soon, the heroine finds herself on a mission to save her post-apocalyptic romance and the city of Los Angeles. The winding plot and interesting turns kept my heart pounding through most of the novel. Just when you think things are wrapping up nicely, another breathtaking reveal surprises you.

First impressions:

Overall, this book kept me up late at night and had me wishing for longer lunch breaks at work. It took me a second to get reeled in by Autumn in the City of Angels, but the moment Autumn’s friend, Sarah, entered the story, I was completely engaged. The characters’ wit kicked in, the pace picked up, and I couldn’t put it down.

Looking back, the author in me wishes for some sort of tie in with the old man on the pier in Chapter 1. It’d be awesome if he shows up later in the series as a kickass cavalier, a lunatic sailor, or a weird soothsayer. The imagery in this pre-doomsday scene reminded me a bit of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner: dead sea bird, dramatic narration, oceanside setting… Even though I wasn’t yet enthralled with the novel (how little did I know), I felt the descriptions here were excellent precursors to the apocalypse, tempered with human elements and a healthy skepticism we can all relate to.
Biggest love for novel:
The best part of this book was the way the plot drives forward. There isn’t a dull moment. Autumn’s wit and humor are evident even in her loneliness after the Plague sweeps through Los Angeles.
I also love the way this post-apocalyptic romance portrays an eerie sense of calm. Instead of fighting for her life every day, Autumn has a few chance encounters with danger but mostly lives above the turmoil in the streets, catching glimpses of violence with a disconnected sense of shock.
This novel is also well-researched. Some of the descriptions piqued my interest by providing unique interpretations of society after the apocalypse and a great local perspective. For example, even after the water stops running in Autumn’s apartment, the electricity still works. It’s later explained that this is due to their proximity to the Hoover Dam. #GoGreen, USA. 
It’s strange to read an end-of-days story that isn’t bent on the pulse of survive, survive, survive. It was an effective strategy in making the reader feel the surreal nature of Autumn’s circumstances.

Biggest criticism for novel:

The truth about Grey came as a huge shock, and for a little while, it felt like a stretch. Maybe it’s because the real explanation didn’t quite jive with my suspicions. However, the authors did a great job of taking me on Autumn’s journey in becoming a believer, and soon I realized exactly why the twist came as such a surprise.

When Grey first came into the story, I perceived him as this awesome ninja-survivor. But I was so swept away by the combination of seeing Autumn slip into an action role, the wonderful descriptions, and the gratification of finally watching this post-apocalyptic romance unfold that I eventually stopped analyzing everything.
Just hold your KindleTM lovingly. Don’t throw it across the room when Kirby Howell rocks the very foundation of this book. 
I highly recommend Autumn in the City of Angels to readers who enjoy the following:
  • Dystopian or post-apocalyptic novels
  • Heart-throb romances
  • Mystery plots
  • Tragic heroes
  • Unique plot turns
  • Characters with Gaelic heritage

Have you read Autumn in the City of Angels? Do you have a post-apocalyptic romance novel to recommend? Tell us in the comments below.