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Any author will tell you that when it comes to finding the best places to write, it’s helpful to know which places help you reach your full writing potential. The best writing places can help to inspire you and to bring out your best work. This is true whether you are writing mystery books, fantasy books, sci-fi books, or doing any other type of writing.

So, if your goal is to write one of the best sci-fi books, best fantasy books, or books for any other genre, here are some great ideas for places to write that can help draw out the ever-elusive muse!

Top 10 Best Places to Write


  1. Your Local Library

Libraries can be one of the best places to write- read Jennifer Julander's blog for more great tips!There are a number of reasons your local library is one of the best places to write. For starters, it will be peaceful and quiet, an environment that encourages deep concentration, which is so crucial in creating literary works. It can be easier to focus in a library than it can in many other places.

Besides, what writer doesn’t want to be surrounded by books? (If you’re like me and get distracted by books of your favorite genre, try sitting in another section while you write).

Also, libraries are filled with books that are already published. Simply being around so many books can help to inspire you and to get your creativity flowing. If you have never tried writing at your local library, you should strongly consider it.



  1. Coffee Shops 

Many writers say coffee shops are the best places to write, and the ambiance seems to be perfect for many types of writers.Coffee shops are something of a writer’s cliché, but hey, don’t knock it if it works. While it’s certainly not as quiet as a library, they can still be the perfect environment for deep, thoughtful writing. Many coffee shops have comfortable chairs and good tables for writing (bless Starbucks for its consistency).

Another great aspect of coffee shop writing is the ability to order coffee, a tea, or a snack periodically to help you stay fueled while you are working.

Some of the best writers in history have created incredible novels at coffee shops. J.K. Rowling is one example of a writer who has a long history of writing at coffee shops. It seemed to work very well for her; in fact, many writing groups regularly meet up at coffee shops (perhaps as a not-so-subtle nod to Rowling).


  1. Shopping Malls

The background noise at a mall often makes a great setting, making malls one of the best places to write.Common advice for writers is to craft realistic characters. A perfect way to get ideas for characters is to simply bring your notebook and your pen, or your laptop to a shopping mall. You can just take a seat on one of the benches or tables that you find, and just do some people watching.

In less than fifteen minutes, you could have some great ideas for new characters.

Even if you’re not trying to create new characters, the mall is still a good place to write. One key benefit of writing at the mall is that you’ll find yourself passing by items that might spark creative thought. Maybe you’ll brainstorm the ideas you need to create one of the best mystery books or other novels you’ve ever written.


  1. Public Parks

Parks are the best place to write when you need good scenery & a tranquil setting.Public parks are another one of the best places to write. This is because they can be very beautiful and tranquil. Sometimes, it can also help to just get outside and get some fresh oxygen.

Parks also often have fountains, pounds, or other water features which can be refreshing to look at when you need a break from the page. The background noise can be helpful, and you can even pull ideas from your observations of people’s conversations, actions, or the scenery itself.

If you’re planning to write at the park, just make sure it isn’t going to rain!



  1. Hotels

Since hotels are secluded, they make the list for best places to write & focus on your work.Many of the best sci-fi books and best fantasy books in history were drafted in hotels. There are several reasons why this is the case. First, hotels allow you to escape for a while and get a fresh perspective.

Second, hotel rooms provide seclusion and encourage you to focus on your work. If you can pick a hotel room with a balcony or a gorgeous view, even better! The option to sit in different places and vary your surroundings can help boost creativity.

Third, hotels have lobbies, which are a great way to change up the scenery if you get restless. Sometimes, lobbies have porches or decks too, which often provide a great view of a city, a town, a forest, a river, a lake, etc. So, a good piece of advice for writers who are having writer’s block, or who just feel they need a change, is to get a hotel room in a new place for a few days (trust me, 3 days max if it’s your first writing retreat), and use the space to really concentrate.

New places often help generate new ideas.


  1. Trains

When you want to disconnect, trains can be the best place to write.Trains are another good place to write. This is because the motion of the train can be very relaxing, as can looking out the window and seeing beautiful landscapes pass by. Also, mystery books and other novels tend to involve journeys of one type or another.

So, when you take a journey of your own, it can help inspire your plot lines. Further, you can get some great ideas for locations as you travel from one area to another. Another nice thing about writing on a train is that it can help free you from your normal daily distractions. This can help you to get into deep focus mode.



  1. Log Cabins

A log cabin getaway can be one of the best places to write, especially if you need a getaway.Some writers need to go completely off the grid and get away from the internet and television to create their best sci-fi books, best fantasy books, and best other works. This is because the internet, television, and other modern-day technology can be very distracting.

However, the quiet refuge of a log cabin can help you to get away from the ever-present technology distractions of internet and television. Log cabins can often be rented for a weekend or for a week at very reasonable prices. If you really need to hunker down and focus for a few days to get through a pivotal point in your book, then renting a log cabin is a good way to go.



  1. Coworking Spaces

The best places to write are often office settings, some of which can be rented by the hour.Coworking spaces are places where writers, designers, developers, and other self-employed people can come to in order to do their work. Many major cities have such places now, and they are known as one of the best places to write outside of the home.

In order to access a coworking space, you usually have to pay a small fee. Often, these spaces provide tea or coffee for free, which helps offset the cost.

A hidden benefit of working in coworking spaces is that you may run into other writers. This can be good for networking. Who knows? You may even be able to get another writer to give you feedback on your work.


  1. Poolside

One of the best places to write is relaxing poolside on a warm day.Whether you are working on mystery books, or other types of novels, by the pool is a great place to write. Not only can it be refreshing to write by the pool, but you can also take a dip periodically to cool off.

If you are writing during the summer months, then you can find a great pool to write at if you don’t have one at your house. Many towns have public outdoor pools that are usually inexpensive to get into. So, these pools can be a great option. Who knows, you may be able to create one of your best fantasy novels or best sci-fi novels while you are at the pool this summer.



  1. On the Beach

The ocean, with the sound of waves and inspirational scenery, can often be one of the best places to write.Another very relaxing place to work on your novels is at the beach. In fact, the beach may be one of the very best places to write during the warmer months, or if you live in a warmer climate. This is because you can sit in a beach chair, stick your feet in the sand, feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, and just get to work.

The incredibly relaxing setting that the beach provides can help relieve some of the stress that goes along with writing. So, you may find that you have more energy and endurance when it comes to your work while you are at the beach. Also, just like at the pool, you can take a swimming break whenever you need one!



Now it’s up to you. Pick 1-2 of the “best places to write,” or choose your own.


Try some of the best places to write and you're sure to achieve your best work.Writing one of the best mystery books, best sci-fi novels, or best fantasy novels isn’t easy. However, if you write in any of these places instead of working at home, the process may become easier.

Ultimately, you will need to put a lot of hard work and practice in to become a great writer. However, many of the best novels in the world were written at least in part in the ten places listed above. So, these places may be able to help improve your writing process.

If you don’t know which of these ten places is best for you, then you may want to start off just trying one or two of them. If you like them, then you can stay with them. If not, you can easily try out a different place. Just keep going until you find the spot that is right for you. More than likely, at least one of these places will resonate with you, and will work very well to help to bring out the best quality writing you are capable of!

Have your own favorite writing hideaway or an awesome idea for a writing spot we haven’t covered? Tell us in the comments!